How to Use Jocelyn's Soil Booster Products


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Worm Manure

Jocelyn's Soil Booster Worm Manure is WORM POOP! You can feel good about using this all-natural regenerative product to improve soil health in your garden - indoors or out. Full of beneficial microbes, plant growth stimulators and humic acids, Jocelyn's Soil Booster Worm Manure will jumpstart your soil's living systems, unlock plant nutrients, increase soil fertility, and help you fight climate change!

It can be used to boost your potted plants or garden beds. 

Directions for Use

Pot-up Plants: Mix 9 parts potting soil with 1 part Soil Booster. Water well.

Start Seeds: Mix 9 parts potting soil with 1 part Soil Booster. Plant seeds and keep moist. 

Transplant: Add 1 handful of Soil Booster into hole before placing in plant. 

Read our blogs about how to revive dead dirt and feed flowering plants, and why our Worm Manure is climate positive and how a handful helps reverse climate change.

Check out these videos for different ways to use your Jocelyn's Soil Booster Worm Manure!

 How-to Propagate Your Plants Using Worm Manure


Potting Soil

Our Raw & Regenerative Potting Soil is known as a living soil as it has been formulated to keep the biology intact. Full of beneficial microbes, plant growth stimulators and humic acids, Jocelyn's Soil Booster Potting Soil provides on-demand nutrition for plants all season.

It can be used for your indoor and outdoor container plants or garden beds. 

Directions for Use

Potting Up Plants: Fill up a new pot one third full of Potting Soil. Place plant into pot and fill in around the sides with additional Potting Soil.

Container Gardening: Fill up the container with Potting Soil and place seedling into hole. Water regularly until established.

Check out our announcement and read our blog to learn more about Canada's First Raw & Regenerative Potting Soil!


Wood Chips Mulch

You can feel good about using this all-natural regenerative product to protect soil indoors or out. Jocelyn's Soil Boosters Wood Chips Mulch provides a protective layer on the surface of soil that holds in moisture and regulates temperature.

Mulch also shields soil from direct sun and wind erosion, and prevents weeds from growing.

Directions for Use

To Protect Soil or Reduce Weeds: One bag covers up to 5 sqft of garden bed. Apply in a thin layer on top of soil, spread around the base of plants leaving a few inches around the stem of each plant.

Decorative Soil Cover: Spread on top of potted plant soil.

Read more about how using mulch is one of the three best options to protect soil in our blog - Keep Mother Nature Covered: 3 Ways to Protect Soil.

How-to: Fall Garden Bed Prep


Soil Aid Tea

Jocelyn's Soil Booster Soil-Aid Tea Kit helps with treating plant sunburns and reducing plant stress by getting to the root of the problem. The microbes in our Soil-Aid Tea break apart hard soils, making it easier for the soil to hold water so plants don’t have to work as hard to stay hydrated.

Directions for Use

Potted Plants: Apply 1 liter of Soil-Aid Tea to each pot.

Garden Beds: Using a watering can, apply Soil-Aid Tea to the soil. One batch of Soil-Aid Tea (15L) will cover 100 sqft of garden. Apply monthly.

Foliar Spray: Fill spray bottle with Soil-Aid Tea and spray as a coating onto all parts of plant foliage.

Lawn Maintenance: Apply Soil-Aid Tea to grass using a watering can. One batch (15L) will cover 100 sqft of lawn space. Soil-Aid Tea can be diluted with non-chlorinated water for more coverage. Apply weekly until marked improvement.

Biological Seed Inoculant: Brew a batch of Soil-Aid Tea and then allow seeds to soak in the Tea for 4 hours. Plant immediately.

One batch can be used on 15 large houseplants or 100 sq ft of garden space

Learn how to use our Soil-Aid Tea Kit in the video to get the most microbe bang for your houseplant buck! Also view our blogs about how to make a plant tea, soak seeds with this biological inoculant, and reduce plant stress with our kit.


Living Mulch Cover Crop Kit

After a long season of hard work, it’s important to have a plan in place for regenerating the soil. Jocelyn's Soil Booster Living Mulch Cover Crop Kit is a key tool in regenerative agriculture that serves to suppress weed growth to make the next growing season easier to start, replenish soil organic matter, and improve nutrient levels.

Directions for Use

Our Living Mulch Cover Crop Kit breaks down this regenerative growing method into guided steps for an effortless application by any grower.

Each Kit is suitable for up to 100 square feet of growing space.

Watch the video below and read our blog for more information about using our Living Mulch Cover Crop Kit.