About Us

Nurturing Healthy Plants, Healthy People, & a Healthy Planet

We provide Canadians with regenerative growing tools that nurture healthy, thriving plants while reducing waste to landfill, sequestering carbon in soil, and growing Canada's circular economy. 

Our products supply natural microbes that kickstart the soil’s living ecosystem, delivering on-demand nutrients to ensure plants flourish and thrive all season long. By nurturing healthy soil biology, gardeners grow thriving plants, nutrient-dense food, and help fight climate change!


Our Promises

Jocelyn’s Soil Booster products will always be:

  • All-natural and non-toxic, making them kid & pet friendly
  • Using Mother Nature’s natural microbes to grow healthy plants
  • Made from up-cycled ingredients, mostly sourced locally within 100km of our farm
  • Sweet-smelling of soil, suitable for indoors or outdoors
  • Easy to use, with clear instructions and convenient formats 



Our Team 


Jocelyn Molyneux | BBA. | BSc. | MASc.

Jocelyn Molyneux, founder of Wastenot Farms Inc, developed Jocelyn's Soil Booster as a way to give growers the tools to build healthy soils. She holds a Master’s degree in Applied Environmental Science and Management. Jocelyn has more than a decade of experience in waste management, sustainability, and regenerative growing and is truly passionate about finding and implementing solutions to the planet’s most pressing environmental issues.



Alana Maule | BSc.
Operations Manager

Alana Maule is responsible for the production of all Jocelyn’s Soil Booster products. She also oversees inventory and fulfillment tracking for all sales channels. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics as well as an Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology. Together they gained her all the underlying principles of science necessary for understanding regenerative agriculture and the technical skills necessary for research. She has a drive to make a difference in the climate crisis and now has the outlet to channel this energy.


headshot of Cat


Catharina Sobotta | BEng.
Engineering Growth Manager

With a University of Guelph degree in Water Resources Engineering, Cat is responsible for facilities & systems upgrades, as well as Communications. She also assists with production & sales. This year, she received a Community Herbalist Certificate from Pacific Rim College. Her passion to live harmoniously with nature motivates her to fulfill this purposeful work of creating positive change and healing the Earth.