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Webinars and Live Events about Regenerative Growing

Jocelyn Molyneux is deeply devoted to using regenerative growing practices to cultivate healthy soils and vibrant microbial communities.

Learn why directly from Jocelyn about regenerative growing tips and tools during an enriching presentation followed by a Q&A period. Other options include a live Instagram event for special topics, or at a demo/workshop at your event.

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"Thank you so much for an awesome presentation at our District 10 AGM. You really explained the world of worm manure in great detail. As gardeners, we will do our small part to bring our soil back to a healthy state. You truly are a great inspiration and hope for the future in taking care of Mother Earth. I have received about half a dozen texts on how they enjoyed your interesting talk." 

- Helen P., Lambeth Horticultural Society  

Want a presentation for your private group?

Invite Jocelyn to give a one-hour presentation (Zoom or in-person) followed by a 30-minute Q&A for a group of 20-100 attendees (or more) to learn about one of three topics:

1. Regenerative Growing and Soil Health

It's all about the microbes! Understand why soil health is so important and how implementing regenerative practices will grow healthier, tastier food and happier plants. Learn why worm manure is a healthy alternative to chemical fertilizers, and work with Mother Nature to feed your soil, fuel your family — and help fight climate change!

2. Growing with Peat-free Alternatives

Let's go "Peat-free in 2023"! Learn why peat is widely used as a soil substrate, then explore alternatives and why it's important to make the transition. Join the global eco-movement to ban peat extraction for horticultural purposes, while continuing to grow healthy, thriving plants indoors and out!

3. Soil Health for Plant Lovers

Looking after soil is looking after your plants! Join me as we climb through the Soil Food Web, zoom in on plant nutrition, and journey toward a regenerative future growing healthy plants, healthy people and a healthy planet.

You can choose one of two presentation options for your group:

  1. Online: using Zoom for up to 100 participants. Free of charge.
  2. In-person: arranged at a location of your choice for as many people as allowed by provincial guidelines. Fee is based on group size and travel costs. 

Availability is limited during our busy growing season, from March to May.

Email Jocelyn for an estimate, and to book your date and time now!

Upcoming Presentations

What others say about Jocelyn's Presentations

“The information I learned from your presentation to the Pickering Garden Club this past season has revolutionized my garden practices!” - Jan G, Pickering, Ontario

"Jocelyn, You are clearly very passionate about regenerative agriculture and the use of worm castings to restore our soil. You are also very articulate and I found your explanations clear, understandable and inspiring. Perhaps we can address climate change by restoring our faith in mother nature. I totally buy into the idea that we are doing harm through our mass farming techniques - it’s time to reward the growers of nutrient rich foods." - Peter Bell, Picton, Ontario

"Thank you Jocelyn for such a wonderful and inspiring presentation. I learned a lot and certainly have a better appreciation for the benefits of regenerative agriculture. Thank you Colleen for organizing the event and for coordinating the call today. Much appreciated." - Anthony Dean

Want Jocelyn's Soil Booster Featured in Your Event?

Everything our team does at Jocelyn’s Soil Booster builds beneficial microbial life so that you can fuel your family and help fight climate change. 

We’d love to partner with you to educate your staff, customers and your community on regenerative growing tips and tools, and bring along Jocelyn’s Soil Booster products for purchase too.

Reach out if you are planning a Live Instagram or Facebook event, or in-person workshop or event.

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