How to Get Microbes Working for You:
Make a Plant Tea Bursting with Biology Using Our Soil-Aid Tea Kit

Do you want to maximize the biology in our Jocelyn’s Soil Booster Worm Manure? Treat your plant babies with a delicious brew of biology using our new Soil-Aid Tea Kit; it has everything you need to properly brew a perfect plant tea!

Plant tea - also known as compost tea - is an age-old technique for making a liquid plant food that feeds your plants with biology (not chemicals).

Brewing a plant tea using our amazing Jocelyn’s Soil Booster Worm Manure allows the product to go further than if it was simply applied as a top dressing. The process of steeping Worm Manure (along with Microbe Food Mix) for 6 hours allows the microbial population to explode - growing the biomass of biology so that a maximum number of microbes are ready and waiting to be applied as liquid plant food to your favourite plants.

The soil microbes that are found in a bag of Jocelyn’s Soil Booster Worm Manure are in a dehydrated state, and when they are soaked in water they immediately wake up and become active. Once awake they begin to look for food to sustain and grow their populations. This is where our proprietary Soil Microbe Food Mix is ready and waiting full of delicious different types of food sources that allows the populations to grow rapidly, and within a short period of time the number of microbes has multiplied exponentially.

Similar to making sourdough bread - where yeast (a type of microbe) is fed flour in order to grow their populations - making a plant tea allows a finite number of soil microorganisms to grow into larger numbers. The more healthy soil microorganisms you feed to your plants, the more nutrients they can access and the stronger their defences will be against pests. It is especially useful for houseplants, where limited access to soil microorganisms can leave plants lacking nutrients and natural defences.

Our Soil-Aid Tea Kit provides everything you need to make eight x 15L batches of plant tea. Get ready to see a big difference within two weeks of using our Soil-Aid Tea Kit on any sickly or dying houseplants.

Our Kit includes:

  • 2 x 800g Worm Manure
  • 8 x Tea bags
  • 1 x 100g Microbe Food Mix
  • Brewing instructions card

Each tea bag can be used up to 3 times for maximum value. Simply dry out your teabag after use and store in the open air until you’re ready to use it again.

There are a few precautions to take when making a plant tea:

  1. Ensure you use non-chlorinated water when brewing, otherwise the healthy biology will be killed. Chlorine is added to municipal water for exactly that purpose, so if you’re on city water, let the water stand out overnight to allow the chlorine to evaporate before beginning to brew your plant tea.
  2. Brewing time for your plant tea must not exceed the recommended 6 hours, otherwise there is a high likelihood the brew will go anaerobic (without oxygen). Healthy soil microbes require oxygen to breath and when the population of these microbes grows quickly, the oxygen in the water is utilized at an increasing rate. If the oxygen runs out entirely, then healthy soil microbes can no longer multiply and the bad pathogenic bugs take over, as they don’t require oxygen to breed. For this reason you must not steep your plant tea for longer than the recommended 6 hours.

In addition to simply watering your plants with this delicious brew bursting with biology, another excellent use of the plant tea is to spray it onto your plants as a foliar spray. This allows all those healthy microbes to coat your plants, helping them create a healthy microbiome both above and below ground.

Using our Soil-Aid Tea Kit is an easy and excellent way to get the most microbe bang for your houseplant buck!