Why Worm Manure is Perfect for Feeding Flowering Plants


With Mother’s Day fast approaching all the corner stores have come to life with beautiful blooming flower baskets. These gorgeous plants we love to smell and admire make the perfect gift, however, be sure to include a bag of Worm Manure along with your gift basket so that those flowers continue to bloom all-season long.

Worm Manure is a powerful regenerative growing tool that helps your flowering plants in many different ways. Not only does it provide microbial life to kick start the soil's living ecosystem, providing on demand nutrients to your plants, but it also has super special natural plant growth stimulators that instruct the plant to put out more blooms. Let's take a look at each of these more closely.

First, Worm Manure helps all soil-based plants by providing bacteria, fungi and protozoa to the soil that provide an on demand delivery system of nutrients based on your plants nutrient needs at any given time. Nutrients are important to all plants (and for us too), however, in flowering plants nutrient levels have an even greater impact. Studies have shown that low nutrient levels cause flowers to have fewer and lighter leaves, flowering is delayed and fewer flowers form. There is no need to worry about over feeding your flowers as, unlike with traditional synthetic fertilizers which can burn plants, worm castings are both gentle and effective.

In addition to the important biology that feeds on-demand nutrients to your flowering plant, there is another important interaction that makes Worm Manure perfect for flowers. These are the natural growth stimulators created in the worm’s gut and deposited onto the castings. When added to the soil, these “soil hormones” signal to the plant to create more blooms, as was scientifically proven by Arancon et al. (2005)  Think of these natural signals as Nature's way of communicating to the plant that conditions are ideal for flower formation (ie. reproduction).

How does one use Worm Manure for their flowering plants? Is there a right time? Can you be too late to apply?  Fret not for you can apply Worm Manure at any stage of your flowers growth and it is quite easy.

At the germination stage, you can use a 10:1 ratio mix of soil to Worm Manure to start your seeds. 

When transplanting your little flower seedlings to the ground simply place a handful of Worm Manure into the hole and place your flower on top. Having the roots directly touching the Worm Manure is important to get that on-demand system started quickly.

During the growing season, sprinkle a handful of Worm Manure around the base of mature plants once per week to continue to see new blooms created. 

Always remember to water well after using Worm Manure as the microbes need to be rehydrated to begin their important work feeding the plant.