Indoor Plant Propagation

If you’re anything like me and spend more money on plants than is reasonable, here’s the hack to get more plants without breaking the wallet! Multiply your existing plants - it’s actually quite simple. Here’s how.


Keep your herbs growing for year-round harvests. Herbs can be propagated a couple ways: using stem cuttings or splitting plants joined together at the roots (division).

Propagating Herbs by Cuttings

This is best done when your herbs have several healthy leaf sets.  

  1. Cut a healthy, green stem 7-10 cm from the top of the plant with a clean tool just below a leaf node. 
  2. Remove the bottom leaves and place the cutting in a glass of water. Optional: add root growth hormone to promote root growth. 
  3. Leave on a sunny window sill. Change the water every few days. 
  4. When roots start growing from the stem, transplant the cutting into a pot of soil blended with Activated & Inoculated Biochar for improved drainage & plant health. Add a handful of Worm Manure to kick start plant growth. Water well, et voila!

herb cuttings in glass jars

Propagating Herbs by Division

  1. Carefully remove your plant from the pot to expose the roots. 
  2. Carefully split the root ball so you have multiple plants with roots and stems. 
  3. Pot your plants into new pots with Worm Manure and Activated & Inoculated Biochar to promote healthy plant growth. Water well. 
exposed plant roots of herb plant on floor with trowel

Spider Plants, Snake Plants & Aloe Vera

When your spider plant has ‘pups’, it’s time to propagate! Pups are miniature versions of the plant, usually hanging off. Here’s how to propagate them:

  1. Cut the pup off the plant using a sharp clean tool, or break it off. 
  2. Clean off any soil using clean, lukewarm water. Allow it to dry for two days. 
  3. Repot the pup, add Worm Manure and Activated & Inoculated Biochar to the soil mix, and water well. 
spider plant with pups Biochar bag on Biochar background

Use the same method for your Aloe Vera and snake plants.


Succulents can be easily propagated using stem cuttings or individual leaves.To propagate succulents: 

  1. Use a sharp clean tool to cut off 3-8 cm of leaf-covered stem. To remove an individual leaf, gently twist the leaf close to the stem. 
  2. Place cuttings/leaves in Activated & Inoculated Biochar, facing indirect sunlight and leave them for a few days to form a crust-like callus over where they were cut.
  3. Moisten every 4-5 days until your plants form new pups. This will take around six weeks. 
  4. Transfer the pups into new pots and cover the roots with soil, Worm Manure and Activated & Inoculated Biochar. Water well.

close up of succulent leaf with pups in pot with stone media700g Worm Manure Bag

More Tips 

  • Although healthy plants propagate better than unhealthy plants, propagation can be used to save diseased or dying plants. Just make sure to choose a healthy part of your plant to propagate. 
  • Add root growth hormone to media containing fresh leaves or cuttings to encourage new  root formation. 
  • Line the bottom of your pots with Jocelyn’s Soil Booster Activated & Inoculated Biochar to increase drainage and nutrient availability for your newly propagated plants.