Ancient technique for soil regeneration: Biochar

Are your plants in need of a safe, natural, nutrient boost? Are you sick of watching your soil constantly dry out, or worse: become anaerobic? Well, look no farther than the all-new Jocelyn’s Soil Booster Activated and Inoculated Biochar!

What is Activated & Inoculated Biochar?

Biochar is an ancient technique for soil amendment used over 2,500 years ago by indigenous peoples to add fertility to the poor soils of the Amazonian rainforest. It is made up of charcoal and organic matter. We mix our biochar - sourced from local wood - with our worm manure. The worm manure is a source of beneficial microbes stored in the activated charcoal, providing your plant with nutrients when needed.

biochar in hand

Why Biochar?

The porous structure of the activated charcoal creates “microbial condo units” to house beneficial microorganisms and nutrients from the worm manure, making them readily available for your plants to use. 

The charcoal also works to improve the water retention of your soil while at the same time increasing soil pore space and promoting air flow. This makes Biochar great for orchids and other plants with finicky watering needs. 

Biochar is environmentally sustainable and even absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to fight climate change.

Our biochar is organic, all-natural, safe for kids & pets, and odorless. 

How Do I Use Biochar?

Biochar can be used in a variety of ways to improve the soil health of both indoor and outdoor plants including: 

  • Mixing biochar into your soil in a ratio of 9 parts soil to 1 part biochar
  • Using it as a top dressing around the base of plants (~1 quarter cup per plant)
  • Using it as the soul or main component of potting media for epiphytes such as orchids
  • Lining the bottom of your pot/planter with biochar to absorb excess drainage water while still keeping the water available for plants to use when they need it

biochar in bag beside clear vase planter with pothos plant in stratified soil mixed with layers of biochar

Who Can Use Biochar?

Biochar can be used by anybody who has indoor or outdoor plants. Whether your vegetable garden needs a nutrient boost or your orchids need to be repotted, biochar has something to offer to all growers. 

Order your own Activated and Inoculated Biochar online to see the results for yourself!