Introducing MyGroBox & Founder Corina Ottnad

Square jute container with handles

I'm so excited to introduce you to and founder Corina Ottnad. I fell in love with this innovative product when I first met Corina a few weeks ago and I'm thrilled to partner with her. There are so many things I love about - portable, breathable and fully compostable, I personally believe this is the best grow container ever invented!

I had a chance to interview Corina recently, here's a snapshot of our discussion:

a) Why did you build a square planter box when so many others are round shaped?
MyGroBox harnesses the power of natural systems to make gardening easy for everyone. Through our research, we found that it has been scientifically proven that plants grow better in square containers compared to round pots. MyGroBox unique cubic design encourages root multiplication to create more root surface area for nutrient uptake which results in faster plant growth, increased yields and a shorter harvest time.
b) Why did you create a biodegradable/compostable planter box when others are made of plastic? 
MyGroBox is designed with future generations in mind and made of 100%  all natural biodegradable and compostable materials. Our exclusive breathable woven fabric also provides the benefits of aeration for additional root multiplication. MyGroBox is constructed of durable light coloured woven fabric that reflects heat to protect the soil from overheating. MyGroBox outperforms all other containers on the market because plastic or terracotta pots will overheat the soil and kill the microbes. Therefore, MyGroBox is the best choice to keep the soil microbes alive because living soil is essential for healthy plant growth and to reap a good harvest.
c) Who do you think can benefit most from using MyGroBox?
MyGroBox gives you the power to grow anything...anywhere....anytime.  Now we say...No garden? No Problem! MyGroBox makes growing accessible to all by empowering people to grow their own fresh veggies, herbs and native flowers in just one square foot of space. MyGroBox comes flat packed and pops up to fit inside a milk crate to make it stackable and portable. MyGroBox modular design offers limitless options to create custom gardens that can be expanded to fit any outdoor space, on the ground or on balconies, decks or rooftop patios. 
d) How are you hoping to work with teachers/students MyGroBox?
MyGroBox is the perfect urban growing solution for schools because the hunger to grow food far exceeds the amount of garden space available in urban areas. MyGroBox is the best tool for teachers and the easiest way for students to learn to grow, throughout the school year.  MyGroBox is a completely self-contained growing system that is easy to transport using a milk crate, which eliminates the hassle and expense of maintaining school yard gardens. During the summer months, the students can continue growing MyGroBox at home with their families. In the fall, students can bring it back to school and use MyGroBox again to grow something for the next season. MyGroBox brings experiential learning to life through the natural cycles of the garden.