Can I Start Seeds in Potting Soil?

Generally the rule is that traditional potting soil should not be used for seed starting. This is because potting soil often includes fertilizers in the form of fake chemicals. The fake chemicals are provided in what’s known as “plant soluble format”, which essentially means that the plant is going to absorb the nutrients, whether they are actually needed or not.

These types of fertilizers in traditional potting soil are in the molecular format of dissolved salts. The salts then essentially force themselves inside the plant’s cell walls due to the natural flow of molecules based on concentration gradients. High levels of salts outside the plant’s cell walls are absorbed into the plant, in effort to maintain balance.

For delicate seedlings, too much nutrient flowing too quickly into their cells is a recipe for disaster. The seedling becomes overwhelmed and attempts to maintain balance by redirecting water down to its root cells, ultimately causing seedling death.

Our Raw & Regenerative Potting Soil doesn’t have this problem because it doesn’t have any of those fake chemicals. There are no fertilizer salts forcing themselves inside the  root cells of delicate seedlings.

Happy woman planting seeds in egg cartons on a kitchen counter


Instead, our Raw & Regenerative Potting Soil is full of diverse microbial life. This is the same microbial life that partners with seedlings to provide the on-demand nutrition that seedlings need, in the exact right quantities at the exact right time.

Our Raw & Regenerative Potting Soil also has that light, fluffy texture that is considered preferable for seed starting. Freshly germinated seeds can easily put down roots and pop up above the soil without too much extra effort. The fine consistency and premium quality of our Raw & Regenerative Potting Soil is an added bonus for starting seeds.

No need to buy a separate mix for seed starting this year! Our Raw & Regenerative Potting Soil will see you through seeding, potting up, and transplanting into containers or raised garden beds.