How to Get Microbes Working for You!
Replenish Your Soil with Diverse Microbes


Plants are master technicians, constantly building, repairing, and protecting their root zone microbiome. Of course, any technician needs their tools and for plants, these tools are the soil microbes that provide them with the nutrients and disease suppression necessary to be strong and healthy.

Plants pick and choose from the available microbes to get the best tools for the job. Like any specialized technician, through this process plants start to build up a specific toolset as they partner with microbes that help them flourish. Over time, diversity depletes as plants build up and favour a specialized tool set.

While this initially makes for a thriving plant, any kind of disturbance or environmental change causes trouble. After all, you can't fix a plumbing leak with a car jack. When the days start getting shorter and plants shift their energy from growth to reproduction, they need access to a new set of microbial tools that can get this new job done right. In natural ecosystems, this necessary diversity is replenished by animal herds moving through the landscape, renewing the soil with fresh diversity from other locals.

Bag of worm manure resting in potted eggplant

Since a herd of Wild Buffalo are unlikely to pass through your backyard anytime soon, adding Jocelyn's Soil Booster Worm Manure will replicate Mother Nature's natural systems, refreshing your soil with new microbial partners.

To ensure plants have the necessary tools to grow into their best selves, apply Jocelyn's Soil Booster Worm Manure throughout the season. Boost your plants (and your harvest) with the healthy soil toolkit Mother Nature intended!